The waves are that hairstyle that plumps and personality to any person carrying. We have seen her in XXL manes and bob hairstyles. The best? That they are so versatile that there are millions of possibilities.

However, in a year in which we seek naturalness above all else , hair trends have it clear: volume will be one of the main protagonists. Although we will also see broken waves, more marked manes and other very natural ones. That is to say, this year we will not bet on that immovable and closed wave that became so popular on the red carpets of a few years ago.

This summer we are looking for movement in 90s hairstyles that will go from straight hair with the ends inwards (or outwards), to other more marked but with smooth ends.

What's more, the blow-drying effect will reign even in the bangs, which we will look open and, if possible, combed slightly backwards.

However, what is clear is that waves are that ace up your sleeve that never (ever) fails and that you can wear both in more casual outfits and with a wild air, to more timeless and sophisticated looks like water waves.

If you want to show off your waves in the simplest way possible, do like Negin and pull hairpins. The influencer with the best hair on Instagram knows that, to show off your hair, the key is not to get too complicated. Some marked waves, "held" with a pair of hairpins or barrettes. You need little more to look gorgeous.

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