Think like a user. You know how annoying it is to raise expectations when you click on a link and the page shows an error 404 or the link is broken, right? If you run a large company and need a complete link building and traffic tracking solution, ClickMeter is one of the best alternatives. This is because, in addition to shortening and personalizing links, this link shortener lets you even track conversion and sharing rates, which few shorteners offer.

In addition to being frustrating to the user, erroneous redirects or down pages can interrupt the consumer's buying journey. Clickmeter plans start at $ 29 per month for the average plan and can reach $ 349 for the maximum plan.

And of course Google also penalizes your site for these errors. So invest in a UX design with highlighted and working hyperlinks. Now that you know a little more about shortening links, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the top URL shortener options on the market today. Choose the one that meets your needs and improve your digital results.

Image Optimization In an e-commerce, the product needs to be attractive to the consumer. Therefore, images should be optimally optimized. If you're looking to increase your site traffic or dramatically improve your site SEO , we invite you to download our SEO ebook that will surely help you get to the top of Google by discovering SEO techniques and how to implement them in your project.

Always include high quality images from a variety of angles, with zoom or 360 ° viewability. Focus on showing the product details very well.

The more time a user spends on the page looking at product details, the better the performance of their web store on Google.

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