by a Taken In Hand reader on 2004 May 15 - 22:14 | reply to this comment Is it sexual or not? As I have said before, several times, I think it is sexual. I hope that is clear. :-)

by the boss on 2004 May 16 - 07:37 | reply to this comment Is it sexual or not? There are two main branches of spanking in this house.

The first group of spanking happens frequently, several times a week. These are responses to my constant need to test the limits, to goad, to stir, sometimes just to make sure I have not been forgotten. They may be fast and can come both with and without ritual. They are followed with or without lovemaking. They can be short and sharp. They are always reminders of the lines of authority but there isn’t a severe tone about them. Underlying them all is a small sense of play that makes them very sexy indeed.

The second type is what I would classify as purely discipline. They are fairly infrequent, once maybe twice a year. I only push things waaaaaaaaaay past my limits every so often.

I was reminded of the difference between these two about ten days ago. I had teased the man about something. Am I expected to remember what? It was some silliness that I blurted out impulsively. He was working on the computer. I expected him to growl at me as I left the room.

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