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I have had the same experiences. I live outside a very small town and have trouble finding local guys to date. I have had 3 different guys that I met and communicated with on line. I have communicated with them for months and months via email, phone, or skype and it feels like you know them, but when I meet them I am not physically attracted to them! It is like who is this person? The last one was smothering me when we met for the second time after 6 months of skype or phone and I just couldn't handle it. I broke it off after I got home and he didn't understand what I was feeling and that I needed time and closer proximity. After that I decided to meet sooner and more often and try to find someone closer. I don't think that it is me for the most part. I think I just haven't met the right person. We do get a false sense of intimacy if don't test it out in person.

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