A brief history of extracurrents In 2006, when torrent sites like Mininova and TorrentSpy ruled the land, that's when ExtraTorrents made their presence known. ExtraTorrents struggled hard and until a few years ago 13377x st was the second largest torrent website just after Pirate Bay, attracting millions of visitors daily. The site was famous for hosting movies and television shows. 1337x.to proxy As a result, many complaints have been filed with hosting companies and domain name service providers to dismantle the website. However, it is still unclear whether it was legal pressure that led to the disappearance of the giant torrent. 123 movies proxy With that said, here are the best ExtraTorrents alternatives and supplements to keep you entertained. 1337x sites

One of the best things about the 1337x ,13377xproxy is the fact that it can help you find torrents that you didn't even know you would need in the first place. It is particularly good for its organized and simple interface. The website has been recently updated and now offers an improved design. Most importantly, it does not present the serious security risks it once had. 1337x has become one of the most popular torrent trackers to date, so much so that Google refrains from displaying the results of this ExtraTorrents alternative Kisscartoon or Kiss cartoon . 1337x.to proxy 13377xproxy 13377x proxy 13377x .to 13337x.net proxy 13377x.st 13377x.to 1337x.io unblock 1337x 13377x st 13377x search engine 123moviesonline 1337xto.to 13377xmovies 13377x movie 1337x.org

Zooqle mirror sites

There's no denying the fact that Zooqle has plenty of options for those who want movies and TV shows, but what makes this ExtraTorrents alternative amazing is the fact that it's perfect for gamers. Zooqle has an easy to use interface, piratebay proxy but it needs some improvements. But even then, the torrent site is worthy enough to find everything you need. So far Zooqle seems to be going in the right direction, and if it stays that way, the torrent site will improve and grow in the near future. 1. zooqle.bypassed.mba/ 2. zooqle.unlockpro.party/ 3. zoqle.unblocked.pm/ Torrentz 2 mirror sites

After Torrentz disappeared, the site was replaced by Torrentz 1337x proxy 13377x search engine 2. This ExtraTorrent alternative is more or less the same as the original, but with more emphasis on music. You will be surprised to see torrents from ten years ago, and they will also have planters. Although changes have been made to the way magnetic links work, Torrentz 2 is still a great option for people who just want to listen to their favorite music. 1. torrents2.cc 2. torrents2.eu 3. torrentsmirror.com You may have your reasons for avoiding Torrentz 2 and they may be valid. With this in mind, these alternatives to Torrentz 2 will be perfect for you. YTS mirror sites

If you're only interested in movies, then YTS is exactly what you need. This ExtraTorrent alternative 123moviesonline focuses entirely on movies, while offering a wide variety of movies and a wonderful design. Choosing to download from YTS will be easy for your bandwidth which is one of the biggest advantages of this site. Overall, YTS will end up becoming a big favorite for your movie binge needs. But if you want more than just movies, you will have to look elsewhere. 1. yts.am 2. yts.pm 3. yts.gs Of course, you don't have to stick with YTS for all your filming needs. These YTS alternatives will meet and exceed your expectations. Lime Torrent mirror sites

Another worthy alternative to ExtraTorrents, 1337xto.to 13377xmovies LimeTorrents, is not a new player in the pirate industry. With an impressive database, the website offers a wealth of magnetic links that can be used to retrieve your favorite torrent. Unlike other ExtraTorrent alternatives, LimeTorrent does not host torrent files, it works more like a search engine. 1. limetorrents.in 2. limetorrents.asia 3. limetor.com Kickass torrent mirror sites

Kickass Torrents, as ExtraTorrent, was also decommissioned, after which it was replaced by various mirror sites. Such alternative ExtraTorrents mirror sites are just like the original, at least in one way or another. But one thing is certain, the torrent of music, movies, games, etc. will be abundant 1. katcr.to 2. kat.li 3. kat.lat You may not be comfortable using these KAT mirror sites, 1337x 13377x movie 1337x.org 123movies proxy so you should check out these Kickass Torrents alternatives. RARBG mirror sites

One of the oldest book websites, RARBG, is one of the oldest torrent websites that has ever lived on the Internet. The good thing about this ExtraTorrents alternative are the real reviews it offers

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