Back in 07 I felt the reality of the change coming like the apocalypse. Slowly but surely jeans where getting tighter, hair was getting floppier, and somewhere in Brooklyn a girl with an unwaxed asshole was smoking a pipe with one hand while holding opera glasses in the other and talking with a fake English accent. The hipsters where coming. I brought attention to this with my Chuck=hipster overload post.

Now don’t get it twisted, I don’t hate hate hipster. I love the music and would never blame musicians for taping into a market to capitalize on sell more albums (at least they’re creating something). Most of the time their clothes suck except for my favorite brand that I’m too fat and poor to wear Band of Outsiders, their shit is hot sauce. I don’t REALLY hate hipster chicks because the ones who cut themselves, are vegan and grow their own food in organic farm, know how to fuck like crazy. The only thing though is they’ll completely steal your shit when you’re not looking and sell it to support their Adderall habbit. And the guys… don’t even get me started, no competition in social settings and word on the street is most of them can’t give TGD (see previous post).



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