sara April 7, 2010 at 4:24 pm

For me, dating has always been a practice at marriage. I doubt I would have ever dated if I didn’t hope to one day date a person who I would eventually marry. For me and my now fiance, we chose to move in together not to extend the “wooing” period but as a happy mediums to our families. We wanted to marry and live together but because of our ages and also our involvement in college neither of our families wanted the word “marriage,” to be bandied about quite yet. For us I feel it has done several things. We have weathered several storms, learned that we can accomplish anything together and learned to be depended on and dependent on one another. Something we both received and had not counted on, by the time we marry October of next year, we’ll have graduated and both be starting salaried jobs. What a way to start a marriage! There will still be plenty of growth to be had, learning to work along side each other instead of studying together and one day raising a family together.

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