Karuta Discord Bot educational 1: hooked up and Configurationhello all people it is the rest of yuki as soon as. returned providing you with men a new sequence of. tutorials for the kuruda bot. what's a discord video game bot that you can. collect characters using cards. and reacting to playing cards you can also trade. characters with your members of your. server. for today's tutorial we'll cross. over how to set up the bot. for the sport and for your server so that. you men can play to boot. let's first pass forward and invite the bot. let's pass forward and go to our. browser here and what i have for you. men. is the particular browser tab for the. karutapod. it is kuruta dot xyz and the link will be. in the description under. so that you men can get to thiis okay. let's go back right here so how i set it up. is a little bit in another way from the. moody online game. the style you actually get your instructions. goes to be. on your dm to get on your commands.You employ the prefix is k. exclamation mark and to get the instructions. you should help. the be aware help they'll in. they're going to dm you a command record. for you guys. let's move forward and check out that. this is the command record everybody. i will pass over in these days the setup. and the information one another one will. have their very own video. for you men to check out okay so. first let's take a look. at many of the instructions right here return to. our. our kuroda bot so. the massive one you would like to understand is. where are your playing cards going to spawn. whilst somebody makes use of k drop i've a spawn. channel for you and that i did spell it wrong. this would be sa sp8wns. so that's what the channel is that. channel is. and we're gonna use k exclamation mark. set. okay now if you have already got a channel. for the for the drops you need to redo.The. command lower back as a way to do it for. you guys. so now it says you can now use the k. drop command. and spawns to drop cards and. instantly depending on what percentage. serve. the charters within the server they are going. to drop. the cards again at one other interval . here is the catch the style they drop the. cards. for this video game is predicated on what percentage. everyone is in the server. and how many are people chatting. chatting in the server. immediately okay at the same time. so for this server because it's my experiment. server it's myself in simple terms. but in my temper in my out anime survives. let's say. there's seventy six usually online at an analogous. time. so there's gonna be more reaction in my. in my main server than this one. now i want to actually provide you with a drop. simply to show you guys how it's. how it really works it is ok and then drop. and then here we go i'll prefer. https://gogodev.info/discord-a-hub-of-bots/ . from a b or c or one or three. so you men can take a look. it okay i am gonna go quantity two i do not. care what percentage is. alright so i got uh i got this one i. received number two. but it's badly broken yet i will clarify. that um in our. in future tutorials because there is a. manner wherein you guys can. fix playing cards i will take a look at that. later. okay in case you guys favor to alter the. prefix. use k dot exclamation mark. prefix ok. the server's custom prefix has been. cleared so ok. exclamation mark prefix and now we're. going to claim. kx important mark okay. so that you suggested the exclamation kx makes. more as the. prefix ok remember keep in mind your. different bots in addition don't use greenback. signal because if you utilize greenback signal. then it is going to confuse with the. moody box so i'd say dollar signal.Exclamation mark dollar sign then the. command call. a good way to use the greenback sign okay. i'd preserve it. as it is although it's k exclamation mark. okay test. guess set is a command with handling. the chess target we will discuss that. in a while due to the fact. as a starting server for the rudobot. it's not going to do much for you men. at first. the subsequent aspect we will take a. check out is antisnipe. okay antisnipe. does anyone keep in mind what other command. in the moody online game. that's comparable to because it's very. akin to a moody video game command. and that command is toggle's knight. i think it changed into toggle snipe wherein you. cannot declare a character for. like 30 seconds or so this one is the. identical factor. but you may set it okay antislide. is going to be like the moody games. um man or woman choosing device. yet to that end you'll be able to set it.<iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/le_CE--Mnvs" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>by seconds. and iin this case i've two seconds. that means you can't declare a character or. get a card accordingly for 2 seconds. okay. greenback i mean k exclamation mark. permissions. will show you your permissions ok. you haven't any disabled instructions and we will. talk about extra moody. extra excuse me our karuta bought. commands. for admins and moderators. in another educational later on. we also have as compensate this one. is for repayment of the sport yet we. haven't got any but because it's the. starting. ok now let's talk about infra. data commands for you guys. ok ok quiet down. goes to tell you what number what percentage. mins. you are gonna ought to await a grab. and a drop i seize. is once you get a character a drop. is when there is going to be a new drop. automatically. dropping for you guys in the server.So we use k drop you are doing it by way of. your self. ok yet the subsequent drop is 26 minutes. before you can drop more card. okay next. reminders it is okay reminders. so the daily is ready the vote is in a position. the drop is in 26 mins. the seize is in six mins and the work. is ready we are going to talk about daily. vote and paintings later. but these you find out about in only a. couple of minutes ago. okay the next one we will discuss. is cart is look up okay. the exclamation mark search for. ok you're going to look up a card. that you've got or. let's have a look at if they've a personality correct. now. yeah right here we go you can also search for. a character's name by using typing their name. here. now i've the name luna right here yet. there's a lot. there is a lot of luna's right here so decide on one. and revel in it relish her or something. ok there's like 30. there's like 40 so. that's what you men can do besides.Ok for lookup it's like the. booty field search or i. i am if you will. card facts card info person details. server details node facts and worker information. are very selfexplanatory notwithstanding. let us take a look at. k exclamation mark worker facts. so there's some sort of work in here. in addition we are gonna take a look at that. afterward when we begin to discuss the. paintings technique. because there's gonna be something we're. gonna be able to do ok. after which i am gonna run ok exclamation. mark server details. and you can seize what number cards for the. server. that you have okay user information. is ready you. ok you spot playing cards burn. cards drop cards grab and trades. completed cards hen is. as if you do not want it anymore okay. we will talk about that later. ok and finally card facts. is exactly what it appears like. okay that's how it looks like. ok but the drop that the situation.Is random though that is the element it's. random. okay so we're gonna cross into we are gonna. move into extra of the situation. the cards the trades and future. tutorials okay. but that's how you guys start the move. the kuru about. if you men have any questions about the. kuroda bot i. consider i will be able to solution beginning. questions. only aat this time once we get into. destiny tutorials then you definitely can question me. questions on the damage the the. conditions and all that but for now. that is all i've for you men today um. day after today we may have a live mood approximately. tutorial . and we will be doing it on the way to. play so if you men have an interest. enroll in the channel like the video. and all that good things we'll. have an educational stay academic. a mood mood they purchased and we're going. to tips on how to play okay.

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