on March 8, 2011 at 6:53 pm Karmella Regarding the snarky e-bullies who make light of violence against women…many of them are social misfits (at best) or slightly sociopaths (at worst) who have very little sense of connection with people in general, let alone the scary and intriguing female life form. They are often resentful against anything they see as “special treatment” for women, similar to how many of the racial majority in the U.S. cry “unfair” when minorities get “too much special attention.”

What came of the escalation of the whole “****wolf rape” debate was actually much more disturbing than the comic strip that originated the offensive phrase. The blatant insensitivity of a video game “hero” was illustrated by his callous attitude toward a rape victim’s plight. It was intended to be a sharp jab at the strange ethics imposed within a particular video game (you are only allowed to free five slaves and have to leave others behind).

Ironically, when the sarcasm was lost on a handful of readers, this was enough to transform the authors themselves, and many Penny Arcade minions, into the same rape-dismissing douche-bag video game character they set out to critique in the original comic.

The snarky comic strip pseudo-apology was a clear sign that the comic strip authors had lost control of the situation and let their inflated egos speak. This is what happens when too-clever-for-the-world kids spend too much time staring into their navels and get paid and awarded for it to boot.

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