Don&amp;#39;t Use PartnerBot Discord Bot (2021)  Is Partner Bot Legit?Before we start the video do you suspect. companion bot is worth it. if so leave a remark down less than telling. me why. now if you don't believe accomplice bot is. valued at it then also depart a comment so. that we could have an engaging. verbal exchange. to establish no matter if this bot essentially is. valued at it but allow me. proportion my reports with partnerbot and. why i actually believe. that this bot isn't valued at it in your. discord server. so partnerbot is an very popular. discord bot correctly it's in. about 60 000 discord servers that's. absolutely crazy now associate bot. advertises itself. with a view to instantly advertise your. discord servers. to others today accomplice bot will. create a channel. and basically spam servers from across. the internet whether they're associated or now not. and simply call these. partnerships in order that brings up the.Question do people correctly. turn out to be joining now i'll answer this in. is with the aid of gazing the. reports from partnerbot. the bot has a 3.3 famous person overview on now appropriate.gigi is an internet site where persons. can post their discord bots and get. others to invite them. so i would say it is a it's aa pretty accurate. representation of the general. sentiment that folk are feeling whilst. they use partnerbot now some people. do provide it you know well reports but in. general i have visible. so many crucial reports saying that. that's simply disappointing you know the. servers which are being partnered are. very low high quality. so my members aren't liking them yet. additionally simply. useless you recognize you are gaining one. member you're gaining 0 contributors. you recognize what's the factor of utilizing the. bot correct so that's something that we.See from the reviews. the more thing i have looked at is by means of. becoming a member of another associate bot servers. now that's just a random one i did. inspect various on discord. and what i finished up finding is actually. every single server that uses this spot. seems to be. useless actually ninety ninety five of those i would say. are just you know there is actually. no person talking in order that brings up the. question that. which means i feel like the owners. of these servers. assume that by using inviting the accomplice bot. they're one way or the other going to be. entirely good on advertising they're going. to be well on advertising. they don't have to do anything right and. that is the false experience that partner. bought advertises. let's take a look at their companion channel. correct over here we see a ton of. random servers some with you know 5 . individuals others with 10. 20. so i think like all of these are only.surely low good quality servers which have. absolutely not anything to provide. most of them are only preferred fortnite. servers or anime or chatting servers. that's okay but in general you will. like to see high quality servers that. have something exclusive to provide on your. server. so that's the reason why you're. partnering with them so overall according to. these studies. i feel like the the value that they're. featuring of companions. seriously isn't companions it is simply unsolicited mail. advertising and marketing if you recognize what i suggest. partners are supposed to be servers that. you are directly tied. into and servers that you're becoming a member of. communities with. and you recognize carrying over contributors. things that aare actually related to your. server working example. let's say you possess an anime server let's. say. you recognize lots of people who like anime. will also like anime song.So as an instance you associate with a music. server completely okay. now when you are an anime server and that. has you know. 200 participants why might you invite a. accomplice bot which will just randomly submit. gaming chatting blah blah blah which have. like 5 to ten individuals. added a further large complaint with the. companion bot is that it posts truely. beside the point servers and channels that. are public to everyone. and if you try to make these channels. personal it does not let you you have. to have the channel public for everyone. to determine. or else it cancels your benefits so. what are these advantages that they are. advertising good. the main goal i would assume is to get. individuals but none of these servers are. correctly getting participants from it actually. i have demonstrated it myself. i made a server i got a few. participants in it it became recognize a new server and then i invited. the partner bot and. you recognize style of fairly engaged with. it over the process a month. and over the course of the month i. tracked the partner bot invite. and guess what number joins it acquired it got. six. joints now that's joins not contributors out. of these six participants. or six joins three of them left so i was. left with three. inactive members that just randomly. joined the server. and iit's not like i didn't have a very good. advert i had an excellent ad i had a very good icon. every little thing become totally okay so if you are. getting six individuals. to have a channel that is posting low. high quality partners on your. discord why would you utilize this bot it. would not make a lot sense to me so overall. i think like. this is a very low quality bot let's. check out the accomplice bot help. server. as you'll find right here we have a listing of.Commands and if we simply try out becoming a member of the. assist server it's known as. sessom develop and hub so it seems like. they have a couple of other bots. that they develop. now the main difficulty i have this is that. they're actually. selling participants you recognize i made a. contributors plus video yet really this bot. is. frankly worse because they're. advertising for. you pay the money and also you get two or. three x the number of companions. companions those aren't companions you are. just randomly posting your invite in. more than a few rubbish servers now i am not. asserting every single server is garbage. that makes use of partner bot however the huge. majority of them are only empty afk. servers. so i don't see how this is efficacious in. any way whereas in individuals plus a minimum of. you were correctly. gaining anything even if these individuals. were like. inactive and killing your server off.<iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>which is frankly very bad. a minimum of you have been getting whatever out. of it it truly is just aabsolutely vain in. my opinion. so i don't see how this is worth it in. any way and as you'll find here. they disclaim that we do not guarantee. or promise. contributors we only ensure that your. server will gain more exposure. that's it they gain more publicity but. no longer specific. whatever out of it so i already style of. went over this in the last couple of. mins but. in my view considered one of the largest. issues with partnerbot is the scams. that output from it. the partners that you are getting are. often rip-off or invite present servers as. you can see right here. or they are simply in numerous languages. that your individuals won't even be capable of. comprehend. so entire i believe like there's. surely no purpose you'll have. this bot in your's not just a waste of time but it. negatively influences your server with the. low. high quality partnerships if you want good. partners i would incredibly advise which you. attain out to servers which are identical. which are within a same member number and. have a similar niche. so you may surely branch out and take. good thing about groups. not just randomly unsolicited mail advertisements around so. that's entire my opinion on companion bot. i'd be surely interested to determine what you. think so make sure to depart a remark. down less than. letting me comprehend i'll be responding and. talking to you men. in the comments section so obviously. allow me recognize what you think on partnerbot. i necessarily post extra discord guidelines and. tricks like this one so with a view to. methods to develop your server more. then obviously hit the subscribe button. because i will be posting movies about.

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