To claim we only *want* specific physical contact and do not need it misses the point I think. Adults in a sexual relationship need emotional and sexual connection and we gain that at least in part by physical behaviors such as spanking that turns out to be a very real physical expression of our whole sexual beings.

Frank Nelson

by Frank on 2005 May 26 - 17:34 | reply to this comment
You said, "Orgasm generally does require some physical contact, though yes it is possible for it to happen mentally."

Oh, come off it. I cannot believe that it is possible to reach orgasm sumply by mental exercise. There must be some physical contact, surely?

I can believe that it is possible to reach orgasm without a partner being present, but there has to be some form of physical contact in order to reach a climax.

by advoca on 2005 Jul 4 - 07:39 | reply to this comment
I'm sure it can be done, mayb
I'm sure it can be done, maybe not by everyone, but the mind is a pretty powerful thing. Look at wet physical contact is necessary there. If this can happen when the mind is in a dream state it would stand to reason that some people would be able to think themselves into an orgasm.

by cj on 2005 Jul 4 - 14:12 | reply to this comment
Nocturnal emissions
How do men have them if not only by mental exercise of fantasy?

by BlueRose on 2005 Jul 18 - 13:03 | reply to this comment
Unexpected Orgasms
I do assure BlueRose, as a former male teenager, that fantasy, conscious or unconscious, is entirely unnecessary to bring on a wet dream. They just happen, and sometimes very embarrassingly. They are as innocent as can be.

Why did I get involved with my husband even though he was a passive man? Well for one thing and the main thing I was very young when we began dating and married. I didn't totally understand the kind of man I wanted. I came from a fairly dysfunctional family and I had no father from the age of 12 forward. The father I had before that was not a good role model and treated my mother very badly. I was terrified of marrying an abusive man.

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