HOW DO I DETERMINE IF I NEED A DIGITAL STRATEGY? [DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT] Do you want to know where to focus in your digital marketing planning? Where do you need to improve? It's hard to prioritize when there are so many alternatives when making a comprehensive digital strategy. [url=]Sky Marketing[/url] strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. With projects like [url=]villas[/url]. Together with our strategic partner Smart Insights, we created this spreadsheet to evaluate your efforts. Here we explain a little how to use the document. DIGITAL MARKETING AUDIT The objective of this audit is to be able to provide a structured analysis based on the implementation of best practices for a multi-channel digital marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. Here we go into detail specifically to 25 activities that surround the RACE planning framework that we use within SOSTAC. It is recommended that this be reviewed at least once a month and added to the annual and 90-day plans activities. Use a prioritization system like this: [list][*]P1: quick win (solve between 3 and 6 months) [/*][*]P2: medium priority (more resources are required and it is solved between 6-12 months) [/*][*]P3 :: long-term priority (typically takes more than 12 months). [/*][/list]Valuation system: [list][*]V1: High value (most important to get results) [/*][*]V2: Average value (can be important to obtain results but the value is reduced by the cost) [/*][*]V3: Low value (does not significantly impact results but is required as best practices for continuous improvement) [/*][/list]Ex: P2V1 - a significant performance improvement but takes some time or budget to implement. DIGITAL MARKETING DIAGNOSIS Evaluate your digital marketing efforts with the diagnosis and prioritize the areas of opportunity where you want to focus. A scale of 1 to 5 is used, you can also evaluate your efforts against your competition in the Benchmark tab. It is very easy to believe that you are doing something well but answer this document in the most similar way to reality so that you really place yourself within the maturity model , you can determine the areas of opportunity that exist in the organization and in this way you can land a action plan / tactics and monitoring to take the company to a level with market-leading or "best-in-class" capabilities. Use this document as a reference to place yourself in the maturity model of digital excellence. [img width=1085,height=606][/img] This is a tool that allows us to determine the prioritized actions, create a grounded plan with very clear objectives to take them to a better digital capacity. The next step when placing yourself in the model is to define the focus of the digital strategy with SOSTAC , the speed at which we want to go up a level and where we must invest the time and resources to do so. Resources:

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