Fuck this. I’m going back outside. Hopefully, The Drunken Russian can make something happen, but I doubt it. It’s hard to do that when your own buddy becomes an obstacle. The purpose of winging isn’t to always be the guy that gets the girl. The purpose is to unselfishly help each other out.

Outside with Sir William. Two blondes sitting down. I make the mistake of assuming that they are gay. Why? They were glued to each others hip all night long, and one is dressed very tomboyish…

Me: “You guys ever been to Wall St?” (gay club)

We talk. They tell me that they aren’t gay at all. Why did I ask? They looked like pretty good looking lesbians, so I wanted to know what clubs they frequented, so I could figure out where the hot lesbians hang out at, take my girl there, and find a good looking bi-sexual girl to take home with us.

We talk some more…

Girls: “You’re really hot and look like a model.”

I just kind of laugh. The Peacemaker’s girlfriend’s roommate said something similar. And this is probably why I get a lot of attention from women. The past 5-6 times I’ve been out, I’ve had a girl approach me, say something about the way I look, or smack my ass and run off.

In these superficial places, you gotta have looks, money, or status if you want the hot girls. If you don’t look like me or have money? Work on your looks or start talking to bouncers and promoters, and get in real good with them and become a well connected guy.

I look over at Sir William…

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