SEO is the abbreviation for the term Search Engine Optimization. What is it now Search engine optimization is a generic term that includes all the techniques implemented to generate traffic on a website. Page, etc.

For simplicity, it is necessary to understand all the practices followed on behalf of the SEO to increase the ranking of search engines on a website. A higher rank on the search engine search results page (SERP) generates more site traffic. Network.

Optimization refers to elements of infusion that increase the positioning of the website, for example: if a blog needs to be optimized for better classification, the content of the most searched keywords is inserted in the content, in the backlinks, in the targeted keywords, etc Related title, description, etc. One of the most frequently asked questions about SEO is the "SEO salary in India". (Are you participating in an SEO interview? Find answers to the most important questions about the SEO interview). We will answer SEO wage questions later in the blog. First, let's look at the different names that you can work on in the SEO hierarchy. Just like any other work field, SEO profiles also vary in activity from one level to the other. Every employee at a certain level has his own duties that he can best perform. It should also be noted.

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