She says she's ok, and I smile and say "ok, cool". At some point she disappears into the bathroom to help out a girl who is throwing up. After like 15 minutes I didn't see her come out, and it was getting late. I decide to go pass out.

I see her the next day right before everyone was about to leave to head back to L.A. I ask her how she's feeling. She says not bad, but not great either. I feel the exact same way, so I'm like, "ya, totally" I smile, then I walk off.

Walking away and not pushing for an outcome is probably the best thing you did in this entire interaction. You get a few points in my book for that.

I am pretty sure I have a shot if I wanted to go for it, but I am still debating the moral issues with myself. Honestly, a big part of me wants to get a girl that is "taken" since that would be proof that my game has stepped up to the next level.

So what is your take on all this, and how would you proceed from here? I don't have her #, but I have her email from the department list. I am thinking about sending an intriguing email. Something along the lines of "Been thinking about the retreat. I have had some very interesting thoughts erupt from within me"


You've learned a few lessons from the experience and now it's time to move on to the next girl. And NO, don't email her unless she gives you her email personally. Do what you were considering, and that would be STALKING. Learn to take your loss and move on.

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